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As Tax Deadline Looms, Offers Extension Filing Service

Today is the final day to file 2004 income tax returns. But those who need a little more time will be filing extensions instead. Now they can do just that at ( Added to the lineup of services this week, the extension filing service is already proving popular. Though it must be filed […]

Make Next Year’s Taxes Easier with Better Recordkeeping, Advises

Most Americans have already completed their 2004 tax returns, but there’s plenty of time to make next year’s tax season go more smoothly. The secret, said Michele Tyson, ( spokesperson, is better record keeping. “One reason so many people dislike tax time is that it is typically so time-consuming to round up all the […] Urges Taxpayers to Remember Tax Credits

While many taxpayers have long since filed their taxes, plenty of others will be working on their 1040s over the next couple of days-particularly those who suspect they will owe Uncle Sam this year. And leading online tax preparation service ( has some advice for those folks: Don’t forget tax credits. “Tax credits are […]

Online Tax Preparation: It’s All About Security at

When it comes to tax preparation, confidentiality is a top priority for most Americans. But how secure are online tax preparation services? Can taxpayers’ data be compromised when it is submitted via the Internet? And just who can access the financial information millions of people trust to online tax preparers? Perhaps not surprisingly, most Web-based […]

It’s Not Too Late to File Taxes Online, Says

As evidenced by long lines at the post office this week, it’s time to pay the piper – better known as the IRS. But those who haven’t yet cracked open their 1040s are in luck: Online tax preparation services like ( are open 24/7, allowing taxpayers to file their returns right up until the […]