It’s Not Too Late to File Taxes Online, Says

As evidenced by long lines at the post office this week, it’s time to pay the piper – better known as the IRS. But those who haven’t yet cracked open their 1040s are in luck: Online tax preparation services like ( are open 24/7, allowing taxpayers to file their returns right up until the last minute.

“Ten years ago, people who waited to file their taxes until the week of April 15th had two options: Spend hours frantically filling out the forms and hope they were doing it correctly, or file an extension. They had virtually zero chance of finding an accountant to help them out that late in the game,” said spokesperson Michele Tyson. “Today, they can just walk through the steps at, get their questions answered right there at the site, and even save their work if they only have a few minutes here and there. And they can do all this on April 14th if necessary.” offers another advantage over traditional tax preparation: A speedier refund. While those who mail their tax returns don’t normally receive their refunds for six to ten weeks, customers who e-file can expect to have their refund deposited within fourteen days.

The price for avoiding tax-time headaches is surprisingly low. services start at just $29, and all fees are tax-deductible next year.

“Americans tend to think of this week as a miserable, hectic time of year, solely because tax returns are due,” said Tyson. “But that just is no longer the case. We want people to know that even if they put off filing taxes until now, they can still file easily and have their returns to the IRS in time, thanks to online tax preparation and e-filing.”

An IRS-authorized e-file provider, was founded in 2002 with the goal of helping people prepare and file their taxes quickly, easily and affordably. Since then, has grown to become one of the most popular online tax preparation services. For more information about, visit

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