Online Tax Preparation: It’s All About Security at

When it comes to tax preparation, confidentiality is a top priority for most Americans. But how secure are online tax preparation services? Can taxpayers’ data be compromised when it is submitted via the Internet? And just who can access the financial information millions of people trust to online tax preparers?

Perhaps not surprisingly, most Web-based tax preparation services go to great lengths to safeguard customer information, said Michele Tyson, spokesperson for ( “Our customers expect us to collect and retain personal financial information responsibly,” Tyson explained. “For that reason, we strive to collect and maintain customer information responsibly.”

To that end, has established business procedures and internal security controls that limit employee access to customer data. Only employees who need to access customer information for business reasons are given access to customer information systems, and employees of the company are briefed about the importance of maintaining confidentiality. also works to prevent unauthorized access of customer information from outside the company. Security standards and are in place and routinely evaluated and updated, as are the company’s technology solutions. Customer information is submitted to using secure socket layer (SSL) protocol.

“The bottom line is that we take security seriously,” said Tyson. “And anyone who doesn’t should not be in this business. Confidentiality and security are the core of’s business practices.”

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