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Advice on Education Tax Credits

Education tax credits can reduce taxes owed dollar for dollar. Both the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit may be claimed for education expenses including tuition, fees, textbooks, supplies, and equipment required for classes. Expenses such as student insurance, transportation to the educational institution, and personal expenses cannot be claimed for the purposes of either credit. American […]

Tips on Claiming the Child and Dependent Care Credit

If someone has paid for the professional care of a disabled adult dependent, or if he/she has paid for childcare for a qualifying dependent child who was 12 years of age or younger, he/she is probably eligible to receive a significant tax credit – the Child and Dependent Care Credit. This tax credit can earn someone – […]

Advice on Claiming Dependents on One’s Tax Return

Claiming dependents – whether children or adult relatives – on someone’s tax return can provide significant tax benefits to him/her. Each qualifying dependent someone claims is an additional personal exemption. Qualifying dependents of the correct age and relationship to someone may also make him/her eligible for a number of different tax credits, which can save him/her money dollar-for-dollar. These […]

Advice on How to Choose One’s Filing Status

Tax rates and the standard deduction amount that someone can take, are both based primarily upon the tax filing status that he/she chooses. Someone’s filing status depends upon his/her marital status on the last day of the tax year, as well as whether or not he/she has a qualifying dependent (for Head of Household status). […]

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How Tax Refunds Happen

Every year from the 1st of January till the 15th of April, everyone hears about taxes. Commercials play for local tax preparation offices, articles are released about this year’s tax projection from the government, and many grumble about having to take the time to prepare their taxes. Anyone who makes income during the prior year must file […]

Advice on how to get your Tax Return quickly

Many Americans eagerly wait for tax season because of the tax return that they anticipate receiving. For many people, tax refund is the biggest pay check they will receive all year. Thus, they tend to want it as quickly as they can possibly get it. “There was once a time when the only options you had for […]

Tax Refund Specialists Offer Fast Tax Refund

Approximately 70 percent of taxpayers get a tax refund check each year, and many of these individuals are looking to get a fast tax refund so they can start enjoying that refund check ASAP! The average tax refund totals more than $2,500, so you can’t blame those taxpayers who are seeking a fast tax refund, […] Provides Tax Experts Toll-Free Through April 15

With only one day to go until the April 15 deadline for filing tax returns, millions of Americans are working on their taxes — and many of them are thinking it sure would be nice if they could get some expert advice. Thanks to (, they can. Tax experts are available seven days a […]

Reminder Taxpayers: Take Earned Income Tax Credit

If it weren’t tough enough for people to keep roofs over their heads during the recession, now 2008 income taxes are fast coming due. That’s why it’s more important than ever for taxpayers to remember the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), advises ( The EITC is a credit for those taxpayers falling into the […]