Tax Day for 2022 is April 18

The tax day is usually on April 15, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case it’s pushed forward to the next available business day. Emancipation Day is being observed in the District of Columbia on April 15, 2022. Since April 15, 2022 is a legal holiday in D.C., the next business day is April 18, 2022, so that’s the tax day in 2022 for most people.

Residents of Maine and Massachusetts get an extra day until April 19, 2022 to file their federal income tax return because of Patriots’ Day.

If a taxpayer can’t file a federal tax return on time, it’s easy to get an automatic six-month extension to October 17, 2022, by filing Form 4868 by April 18, 2022.

The deadline extension was announced at the beginning of the season, which allows taxpayers to better prepare for their own returns. The IRS advises taxpayers to have all appropriate forms before filing their tax returns, such as W-2 froms from their employer or forms 1099 for other income. It’s important not to forget about form 1095-A from the Health Insurance Marketplace, as information form that form is required in order to file a tax return, especially if taxpayers claimed a premium tax credit.

It can be difficult to file taxes before the deadline, so reduces the burden of tax time by providing the maximum refund amounts and helping consumers get their refund as soon as possible. also provides excellent seven days a week customer service.

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