Federal Income Tax Return Deadline Extended

Taxpayers have a little extra time to file their federal tax return this year. The 2016 income tax deadline has been extended until April 18, 2017, meaning all taxpayers have until that date to file their federal returns without penalty.

Generally, all federal income tax returns are due on April 15th, and many states also follow this deadline. The only exception to the general deadline is if April 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. In these situations, tax returns are due on the next business day.

This year, April 15th occurs on Saturday, which moves the deadline to the next business day. However, Washington, D.C. is celebrating Emancipation Day, which means the district is not conducting business. Because of this, the tax deadline is pushed to Tuesday, April 18th, 2017.

Taxpayers can file for an extension that gives an additional six-months to file the return. However, tax payments must be made by the original due date to avoid any penalties, even with an extension. The extension only applies to the deadline to file.

The April deadline applies to Individual Income tax returns, Form 1040. Different deadlines apply for LLC and partnership corporations, as well as other small business tax returns.

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