Free Live Telephone Support Is Available All Day April 15, 2013, a leading provider of quick, easy, and affordable online tax services, is providing free live telephone support all day April 15, 2013 for federal and state income taxpayers with questions about filing their tax returns. Tax filers can get one-on-one, real-life support from qualified professionals on’s live phone lines to answer questions related to taxes, efiling, and return preparation. They are aware of how nerve-racking it can be to file federal taxes, and phone assistance providers will ensure that the experience is as quick, simple, and stress-free as possible on Tax Day.

“ reminds taxpayers to review tax returns for common errors that may slow processing of their tax returns. Phone assistance will be available all day to help avoid errors.” said spokesperson Michele Tyson “Even for taxpayers who cannot meet the April 15 deadline with a completed tax return,’s phone help can assist with questions about requesting filing extensions to prevent late filing penalties.”

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