Tax Refund Specialists Offer Fast Tax Refund

Approximately 70 percent of taxpayers get a tax refund check each year, and many of these individuals are looking to get a fast tax refund so they can start enjoying that refund check ASAP! The average tax refund totals more than $2,500, so you can’t blame those taxpayers who are seeking a fast tax refund, as that’s a good chunk of change!

“There are several options for filing your taxes and there are also a few different options concerning how you get your refund check,”said spokesperson Michele Tyson. “In order to get a fast tax refund, you must file your taxes using the proper methods!”

The first option for filing your taxes involves using old fashioned paper forms and snail mail. Many are familiar with this method, making it a comfort zone for many taxpayers, but it’s the least desirable option if you’re seeking a fast tax refund because it can take more than a month and a half to get your tax refund!

The second tax filing option is to file electronically and request a paper check. According to the IRS, this is the most popular option and more than 100 million Americans e-filed in 2012. In fact, e-filing is now required for any individual or entity who files more than 10 individual or trust returns. It’s easy and it’s faster than snail-mailing your returns, but it takes time to get a paper check in the mail, so it’s a middle-ground option for individuals who are seeking a fast tax refund.

The best option for individuals who are seeking a fast tax refund in 2013? E-filing and requesting direct deposit of your refund check. Since everything is done electronically, there’s no time wasted in transit! Plus, it’s more secure — there’s no chance your check will get lost or stolen, so you virtually ensure a fast tax refund!, specializes in fast tax refunds. In fact, if you file using direct deposit, you can get this year’s tax refund in as little as ten days!

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