Want the Economic Stimulus Payment?

Across the country, many people are filing tax returns for the first time in years—or maybe ever—just to be eligible to claim their tax rebate, averaging between $300 and $1,200 per taxpayer, under the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. But, says Michele Tyson, spokesperson for ExpressTaxRefund.com (http://www.expresstaxrefund.com), filing tax returns this year could net those taxpayers even more money.

“For people who are not required to file tax returns, 2008 is the year to file anyway,” Tyson stated. “Only those who file their returns will receive the stimulus payment, so that is obviously a big reason to come to ExpressTaxRefund.com and file tax returns. But beyond that, we really want folks to know that if they normally wouldn’t be required to file, they’ll likely qualify for some significant tax credits as well.”

Those credits include the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a refundable federal tax credit for low-income workers, and the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, a refundable tax credit available to workers who pay for care for their children and dependents. Together, they could give some taxpayers an extra boost, to the tune of up to $5,000 per family from the EITC and $1,000 per qualifying child or dependent from the Child Tax Credit.

“We’re talking about a significant amount of money for a lot of families, even without the economic stimulus payment,” said Tyson. “If any taxpayers were still on the fence about whether to file tax returns this year, factoring in the tax credits for those who qualify should convince them to hop off that fence and head to ExpressTaxRefund.com.”

About ExpressTaxRefund.com

With two million visits monthly, ExpressTaxRefund.com is one of the most trusted tax filing services online. The company has been making it safe and easy for customers to file their tax returns and tax extensions online since 2002. ExpressTaxRefund.com’s tax filing services start at $29.95 and are fully automated and simple to use, thanks to the proprietary ExpressTaxRefund.com software.

The economic stimulus payment is available to Americans who earned at least $3,000 in 2007, have a valid Social Security number and file their 2007 tax returns. Full details are available at http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=177937,00.html. To learn more, or to securely file tax returns online, visit ExpressTaxRefund.com at http://www.expresstaxrefund.com.

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