Clients’ Tax Refunds Top National Average

According to the Internal Revenue Service, over 75% of American taxpayers received refunds last year; those refunds averaged $2,171 each. But clients of ( are experiencing different results: Their average refund this year is $3,350–almost 55% higher than the national average.

That’s likely because offers its clients one of the top online tax preparation systems available. The five-year-old site runs on a proprietary software platform that walks the client through a step-by-step interview. uses the answers to those questions to prepare a tax return on the spot, taking into account all tax law changes each year. The process is virtually worry-free for the client, as takes care of all necessary calculations, checks for errors and selects the proper tax forms. Refunds are generally available in eight days.

“When the IRS released their average refund figure for 2006, we were extremely pleased to find just how much higher the average is this year,” stated Michelle Tyson of “We attribute our clients’ larger-than-average refunds to our system’s precision and ease of use. There’s not another service out there exactly like”

Another factor in the higher refund figure could be’s free customer support. At any step during the tax return process, clients can receive live, expert customer assistance – a feature for which many competitors charge extra and to which most do-it-yourself taxpayers simply don’t have access.

“We encourage those who have used other tax return preparation methods in the past, and who may have been disappointed in their refund amounts, to give a try,” said Tyson. “We think they will be pleasantly surprised by our customer focus, our industry-leading security measures, and our overall affordability.”

About was founded in 2002 with the goal of helping people prepare and file their taxes quickly, easily and affordably. Since then, has grown to become one of the most popular online tax preparation services. For more information about, visit

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